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London Country Side - Photosession Number 1 - Date: March 18 - 2000

About the Location:
Most of these pictures are taken in areas adjacent to London. Around London there is an area called Lucan. There are many horse ranches and horse boarders. We passed by a couple of them and stopped at one of Horse Boarders. There we met two ladies who took care of the horses. We had a little chat with them. These pictures are taken on March 18th, 2000 and it was still pretty cold out there. Due to which a horse usually has longer hair to keep itself warmer. During the summer the hair sheds off. The ladies also told us that there is a Dressage Horse Show in August 20th every year, and many horses are brought down to that area for sale. Other pictures were taken in and around that area.

About The Photosession:
Natural Light was used and it was extremely windy. We were not prepared for the chilly winds. I remember my hands to be almost frozen. I was going out to take some pictures and coming back to sit in the car to warm myself up every minute almost.

Equipment Used:
Nikon F70 and Nikon F3 - Nikkor 50 mm 1.4 Lens. Film Used: Kodak - T 400 CN film and Fuji Superia.

About Printing and Processing:
I did'nt had the time to develop the Black and White Prints myself. But as i was using Kodak T400 CN, i just gave the rolls in to usual photolab to be developed by C-41 and they gave me sepia prints for them. In the future i will take some time off to develop the black and white prints for these shots and i am sure they will be much better as they look now.

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