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About the Portfolio
Okay on this site you will find some of my old work. It is about an year old or so. Click on the links below to view the portfolio photographs.

Something About Me
Just to mention, i am a hobbyist photographer. Been doing photography for over 12 years, and an Internet developer by profession in downtown Toronto, Canada.

Toronto Ontario Photographers Community
I also have a MSN Photography community called Toronto Ontario Photographers. There are more than 150 members in the community and the community is developing as the days are passing. If interested to join this community please click here.

Would you like to Model?
I am always looking for female and male models who are interested in getting a photoshoot done. I do not charge anything and neither do i pay anything except for a set of selected black and white and color prints to the model. If interested you can contact me at the below given contact information.

Contact Information:
Ph. #: ++416-471-1972
ICQ: 9422373 Email:
MSN Messenger: Yahoo Messenger: dasaint27

Site Updated on June 8, 2002

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